Continued Independence After Treatment

What happens to clients after At The Crossroads? It is not uncommon for young adults to encounter unforeseen stressors that can be difficult for them to cope with when living completely independently. For our clients who choose to stay in the St. George, UT area, ATC offers a specialized Graduate Program to help keep them on track.

This program allows the young adult to live independently from ATC while still taking advantage of the support they may still need. Prior to approval for participation in ATC’s Graduate Program, clients must demonstrate they are able to manage the responsibilities of independent living for three months while still in ATC housing.

ATC Graduate Progam Responsibilities:

  • Phone Bill
  • Rent
  • Budget for Spending
  • Groceries
  • Car & Car Insurance
  • Car & Car Insurance (if applicable)
  • Savings Account


  • Independent housing
  • Responsible for rent
  • Responsible for expenses and bills

Therapy & Case Management:

  • Staff colleague case management (1-2 times per week)
  • Individual therapy (available weekly)
  • Group therapy (optional)

ATC Involvement:

  • Adventure and recreation group activities
  • Drug testing (when appropriate)
  • Transportation (available when necessary)