Sober Living Homes for Young Adults from Sunrise Manor, NV

Sober Living Homes for Young Adults Sunrise Manor Nevada NV

Are you the parent of a troubled young adult from Sunrise Manor, NV that may benefit from the services offered at a sober living home? If so, you may be interested in At The Crossroads, a transitional living program for young men and women. Among many different things, At The Crossroads is a facility where struggling young people can find relief from their past afflictions, including alcohol and drug addiction. To speak with one of our caring Family Advocates, please call (866) 439-0354.

At The Crossroads offers a wide range of specialty services, including psychological testing, eating problems consultation, obsessive-compulsive disorders assessment and neuropsychological assessment, are available, as needed.

Additional Services Offered to Students from Sunrise Manor, NV

  • Substance abuse evaluation
  • Individual substance abuse counseling
  • Substance abuse educational groups
  • 12-step group treatment
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups

Sober Living Homes for Young Ones Living in Sunrise Manor, NV

Sober living homes assist addicted young adults that have recently completed a rehabilitation program. Sober living homes are designed to serve young men and women from Sunrise Manor, NV that have been rehabilitated, yet need additional treatment so that they can obtain life-long sobriety. With the life skills and independent living skills training, At The Crossroads goes far and beyond the services of that of a sober living home.

If you are interested in finding out additional information about At The Crossroads, please call us today for a free consultation. You can reach us anytime at (866) 439-0354.

What is the Best Type of Sober Living Home and What Do They Cost?

Sober living homes are designed to be the aftercare phase for addicts in the early stages of recovery. Sometimes young adults need extra support after rehab. Young people who got caught up into drug abuse as teenagers sometimes fail to develop emotionally, and therefore after rehab they struggle to meet the demands of adulthood. A sober home is a place where they can receive continued treatment in addition to learning to live as independent adults. At The Crossroads is one of the best sober living homes in the nation, and it is also affordable.

At The Crossroads goes far and beyond the services of that of a typical sober living home and therefore is considered as the best sober living home in the country. If the goal is to maintain sobriety then many emotional and social skills need to be addressed and developed. Such as, enrolling back into school, seek gainful employment, keep a job and advance a career, manage a household (chores, paying bills, etc.), and a dozen or so other vital life skills. A sober home environment is the answer. With the independent living skills required to navigate adulthood, young adults in recovery stand a chance at successful sober lives. For more information about the cost of ATC's Sober Home Living please contact the number above.

National Alliance for Recovery Residences

The National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) is a 501-c3 nonprofit and recovery community organization (RCO). NARR serves 25,000 addictions in recovery homes across the country. The NARR goal is to help people in the early stages of addiction recovery by improving access to quality recovery sober homes - improving standards, support services, placement, education, research, and overall advocacy. NARR has the thought that all addicts in recovery should have high-quality support to live sober lives. NARR principles are based on "hope, compassion, respect, honesty, responsibility, and fairness" for people in recovery. NARR is a member of the Association of Recovery Organizations.

Parent Resources in Sunrise Manor, NV Area:

Region 51 Narcotic Anonymous - Region 51 includes Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, Henderson, Boulder City, Laughlin, St. George, and Kingman. There are no strings attached to NA, their ultimate goal is to help you begin the recovery from addiction.

North by Northwest Area Narcotics Anonymous - This is the resource for North and Western divisions of Las Vegas, Nevada, Narcotics Anonymous. Their intent is to encourage all of the Las Vegas area begin a path to recovery. Their site has resources to help get things moving twords recovery and also the locations of meetings for the group. They also have contact information for Region 51.

Failure To Launch Programs for Sunrise Manor, NV Adolescents

At The Crossroads is an independent living program specifically designed for young adults who are struggling with the transition into responsible adulthood. A family advocate is standing by. Call us today at (866) 439-0354.

Some advice for parents from the Sunrise Manor, NV area

Help your kids, no matter what age, to understand that keeping a healthy weight is a lifetime commitment. Fad diets can rob their growing bodies of essential nutrients. Weight-loss pills and quick fixes don’t address the problems and could even make it worse. without a permanent change in their habits, any lost weight is probably going to be gained back and then some.

In this country at least, parents have successfully shoved the realities of drug abuse way back in the closet and seldom speak about it to each other. Then, when reality bites them on the butt, they’re left floundering, wondering where to turn, who to talk to and what to do.