Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Young Adults from Elgin, IL

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Young Adults Elgin Illinois IL

At The Crossroads (ATC) is a treatment center that deals with troubled youth ages 18 to 25. These young adults have different problems and needs than teenagers, and ATC has developed programs that address those needs. Because our society has decided how a “normal” adult should act, many who are struggling in this age group don’t know how to behave like a grown up and often feel out of place. ATC can help by teaching them appropriate behaviors and train them in typical adult-like responsibilities. In this program they learn four important behaviors during the treatment process: 1) How to Live Independently, 2) Healthy Living Habits, 3) Spiritual Awareness, and 4) How to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships.

How We Help Young Adults from Elgin, IL

Without help older children who suffer from substance addictions may never be able to develop the skills and confidence needed to live independently. Fortunately ATC does exactly that; students live in a controlled setting, with mentor/leaders constantly monitoring their activity and progress. When appropriate, these are required to attend school, hold down a job, and attend personal and group therapy sessions that help them to develop strong relationships. The bottom line is that these young adults get help in every aspect of the maturing process so they can become productive members of society. Call now to set up an appointment at (866) 439-0354.

Help is Available for Young Adults near Elgin, IL

Grown children that abuse drugs and alcohol present very difficult problems for parents, especially when these kids can’t or won’t leave the family home. Research shows clearly that a link exists between substance abuse in young adults and the failure to develop adult characteristics. Often the stunted growth these kids exhibit becomes a burden on the parents, especially when there are younger siblings. Often the only option seems to be estrangement from the family. At The Crossroads' programs help and allow young adults to develop independence and self-sufficiency. For more information call us at (866) 439-0354.

Answers to Questions

When the safety of younger children becomes the primary concern for stress-out parents, the question “What does a parent do with an out-of-control adult child?” becomes a constant dilemma. Legal requirements might be clear, but when it involves a loved one, the decision can become quite clouded. Fortunately, there are Substance Abuse Treatment Centers for Young Adults like At The Crossroads that can make a huge difference in easing the minds of parents.

Elgin, IL Area Resources for Parents and At-risk Young Adults

At The Crossroads (ATC), which is regarded as one of the best individualized, client-centered transitional programs for therapeutic intervention (Individual, group, & experiential therapy) and adventure therapy (recreation & outdoor activities) in the US, echoes the philosophy of this top-notch resource of volunteers and professional counselors.

Founded in 1955, the Ecker Center for Mental Health, located in Elgin, provides an extensive array of mental health services for young adults. Crisis, psychiatry and counseling services are available to young adults, and teens & adolescents. Other services range from early intervention to recovery which includes crisis management,rehabilitation management, residential and psychotherapy assistance. The Elgin Ecker Center has offices on St. Charles and Streamwood. Staff provides diagnostic assessment, consultation and prescriptions for medication for young adults, teens and adolescents.

When your Young Adult is troubled, Get help

Many recognize that a young adult may be traumatized by earlier events, or by real or perceived losses. A young adult or child exposed to traumatic event(s) may become arrested or “remain stuck” at a low (immature) emotional level. When this happens the young adult or teenager begins to rely on destructive thoughts and behaviors. These out of control behaviors can become addictive and inhibit recovery.

Elgin Behavioral Health Services helps each young adult or teen learn to accept and handle their emotions in a healthy way. They incorporate experiential approaches to achieve these goals, including psycho-education, psychodrama and therapeutic discussions. Also provided: individual, group and family therapy.

The young adult and teen treatment personnel consists of committed, competent and experienced individuals who work together as a team to address the core issues affecting each teen and young adult.Elgin Behavioral Health Services relys on committed family and parental involvement throughout the entire therapeutic process, in the creation of treatment plans and especially in aftercare planning.

At The Crossroads (ATC) is the trusted choice for parents from Elgin, IL; who may be searching for the optimal Education and Vocational Training Facility and Individualized, Client-Centered Transitional Program to give direction for their struggling child who may be battling anger issues, bipolar disorder, or even alcohol abuse. Here at At The Crossroads, parents and families from Elgin, IL can expect only the best results from our compassionate and professional counselors. Our research-validated approach to therapeutic intervention (Individual, group, & experiential therapy) and adventure therapy (recreation & outdoor activities) reparation has shown to offer lasting success!

Our therapists are devoted to not only offering support to our students in need, but also the whole family; with the care and diligence required for full rehabilitation. It is our desire to serve, assist, and coach parents from Elgin, IL, with a at-risk child, through a very difficult time. At The Crossroads is here to serve! There is hope... and you are not alone. The vision of At The Crossroads is to bring forth peace through our reputable Life Skills Development and Independent Living Program; while healing emotional health for struggling young people from Elgin, IL, and from all across the country.

As a superior Life Skills Development and Independent Living Program, we offer adventure therapy (recreation & outdoor activities) reparation and a therapeutic intervention (Individual, group, & experiential therapy); leading our students to a healthy, balanced life. If you feel you may benefit from our individualized, client-centered transitional program, we encourage you to contact our family advocates as the first step to creating lasting change in your struggling child’s life. We give support to vulnerable young persons from Elgin, IL. Call At The Crossroads at (866) 439-0354 to speak with one of our knowledgeable family advocates today!