Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Young Adults from Rockford, IL

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Young Adults Rockford Illinois IL

At The Crossroads (ATC) is a treatment center that deals with troubled youth ages 18 to 25. These young adults have different problems and needs than teenagers, and ATC has developed programs that address those needs. Because our society has decided how a “normal” adult should act, many who are struggling in this age group don’t know how to behave like a grown up and often feel out of place. ATC can help by teaching them appropriate behaviors and train them in typical adult-like responsibilities. In this program they learn four important behaviors during the treatment process: 1) How to Live Independently, 2) Healthy Living Habits, 3) Spiritual Awareness, and 4) How to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships.

How We Help Young Adults from Rockford, IL

Without help older children who suffer from substance addictions may never be able to develop the skills and confidence needed to live independently. Fortunately ATC does exactly that; students live in a controlled setting, with mentor/leaders constantly monitoring their activity and progress. When appropriate, these are required to attend school, hold down a job, and attend personal and group therapy sessions that help them to develop strong relationships. The bottom line is that these young adults get help in every aspect of the maturing process so they can become productive members of society. Call now to set up an appointment at (866) 439-0354.

Help is Available for Young Adults near Rockford, IL

Grown children that abuse drugs and alcohol present very difficult problems for parents, especially when these kids can’t or won’t leave the family home. Research shows clearly that a link exists between substance abuse in young adults and the failure to develop adult characteristics. Often the stunted growth these kids exhibit becomes a burden on the parents, especially when there are younger siblings. Often the only option seems to be estrangement from the family. At The Crossroads' programs help and allow young adults to develop independence and self-sufficiency. For more information call us at (866) 439-0354.

Answers to Questions

When the safety of younger children becomes the primary concern for stress-out parents, the question “What does a parent do with an out-of-control adult child?” becomes a constant dilemma. Legal requirements might be clear, but when it involves a loved one, the decision can become quite clouded. Fortunately, there are Substance Abuse Treatment Centers for Young Adults like At The Crossroads that can make a huge difference in easing the minds of parents.

Rockford, IL State Resources for Parents and Troubled Young Adults

As one of the premier education and vocational training facility in the nation, At The Crossroads endorses the ideology of this leading resource of volunteers and expert practitioners; supporting and rehabilitating at-risk youth going through the typical problems of today.

Rockford Illinois Health Systems

Everyone intermittently feels melancholy or sad but these feelings are usually brief and pass within a few of days. When you continue to experience depression, it interferes with daily life and produces anxiety for both you and those who care about you and those around you. Depression is a familiar but dangerous illness. In fact, sadness is the most prevalent mental health disorder. The lifetime danger for the anxiety of depression is 6-25% percent. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 20.9 million American grown-adults (9.5%) suffer from a depressive disorder in any given year.

Rockford Health System, established in Rockford, Illinois, is the largest health system accepting Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Their long tradition of care is built on a devotion to clinical excellence and cutting-edge technology. All of us work together to achieve their mission: to present superior care, every day, for all their patients.

NAMI Northern Illinois

NAMI Northern Illinois stays concentrated on teaching Americans regarding mental and emotional malady. NAMI is the association for all of their NAMI State Organizations, NAMI Affiliates, and aide leaders who work in local communities over the country. They continue to raise awareness and they work hard to eliminate the stigma attached to mental illness.

NAMI Northern Illinois serves Boone, Winnebago, and all the encompassing Northern Illinois counties. Their affiliates are families, friends, specialists, supports people living with mental illness and loved ones of victims. They offer assistance, provide instruction, resources and advocate for those who need their assistance.

The Rockford Area Intergroup Association (RAIA)

The Rockford Area Intergroup Association (RAIA) consists of AA clubs in North/North-Western Illinois, located inside Districts 70, 71, 72 and 73. Together they provide services for the A.A. groups in the area and individuals or groups seeking information about alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous. These assistances include: a monthly newsletter, a consolidated list of A.A. gatherings in and throughout the area, a phone service for those soliciting help or knowledge, this website and an inventory of A.A. books available for purchase.

Families from Rockford, IL have made At The Crossroads (ATC) their first choice for child change and guidance. Parents, looking for help for their child, can expect a team of compassionate, skilled practitioners and leaders here at At The Crossroads. At The Crossroads operates from the understanding that "change" must come from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. Through our community service activities and therapeutic intervention (Individual, group, & experiential therapy), we are devoted to giving help to not only young men and young women struggling with alcoholism, low self-esteem, or social problems, but also the entire family; with the guidance they need for lasting change.

Because working with highly resistant young men and young women is challenging, most programs rely on punishments and other behavioral techniques to manage the young man or woman’s behavior. At The Crossroads recognizes that the particular experiences of one struggling child doesn’t always apply to all of our students. Because of this, ATC’s expert counselors are devoted to the management of each young man or womans requirements; and they do this with professionalism and sympathy. At ATC, we involve the entire family (especially the parents) in the young man or woman’s therapeutics, change, and help. At The Crossroads has served numerous struggling young men and young women in the past, including those from Rockford, IL. Our Life Skills Development and Independent Living Program has shown to cause life changing results for our students and their families.

Our objective is to see your at-risk child make a successful transition into adulthood, while living independently as a dignified young adult. Don’t hesitate to contact ATC’s intake counselors for more information regarding our program that focuses on therapeutic intervention (Individual, group, & experiential therapy) and community service activities. For testimonials from current and past At The Crossroads families, reach out to our team; Call one of our skilled intake counselors at (866) 439-0354, and discover how we can provide leading help to your struggling child today!