Education, Experiences, and Empowerment make us who we are. Through change and growth, our personal beliefs can be developed or strengthened in understanding what is most important to us; serving people, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and being an asset to our communities.


At the Crossroads is a young adult transitional living program providing coaching, therapeutic support and real life experiences for young adult men and women struggling to launch from their primary support systems. Although there is variance with the underlying diagnostic indicators that bring a young adult to ATC and the subsequent treatment planning and solutions necessary during their course of treatment; the inability to develop healthy individuation is at the common root among all clients.


At the Crossroads utilizes a strengths based relational approach. Years of research have shown that the greatest indicator of treatment gains is dependent on the strength of the therapeutic relationship. We do not seek to micromanage, control, punish or manipulate young adults into compliance. Through developing trust and respect we use “collegial” relationships to influence and coach clients toward greater mental, emotional and physical health. We establish a culture of attraction not coercion. The less the client feels they are in a “treatment program” but rather a “supportive treatment community,” the greater likelihood of that client developing real internal change that is not artificially manipulated because the container provided little real world experience for trial and error.