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At The Crossroads uses a variety of Life Skill models as a guide to help young adults develop the life skills necessary for long-term independence.

Areas of Life Skills

  • Goal Setting

  • Financial Competence

  • Career Development

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Resume Building

  • Relationship Building

  • Personal Social Media Management

  • Transportation

  • Healthy Communication

  • Education

  • Food Management

  • Automotive Maintenance

  • Meal Planning

  • Recreation-Fitness

  • Laundry / Cleaning

  • Self Care / Health / Hygiene

  • Time Management

Develop the Individual & Group Life Skills Necessary for Independence


Often times young adults require assessment and coaching in order to develop and hone the life skills necessary for long-term independence and success. At The Crossroads uses a variety of Life Skill models as a guide to develop individualized life skills training programs for our clients. Working through the life skills component of our program in turn helps the young adults to gain confidence and traction in working towards their life goals. Once a young adult develops a healthy set of life skills, independence is that much more attainable.

Based off of information from the Life Skill assessments and clinical observation, young adults are evaluated on their proficiency with the following life skills listed below. Therapists work with colleagues to establish specific life skills with goals and objectives that become part of each student’s master treatment plan and are a focus of work between student’s and colleagues throughout the week.

Casey Life Skills (CLS)

Casey Life Skill training is a tool that assesses the behaviors and competencies youth need to achieve their long-term goals. It aims to set youth on their way toward developing healthy, productive lives.

Casey Life Skill models are designed to be used in a collaborative conversation between a therapist, mentor, and young adult in assessing life skills necessary for independent living.

Casey Life Skills (CLS) helps you identify the small steps you can take to bring you closer to achieving your dreams.

Don’t worry: CLS is not a test. It’s a way for you to build your own personal checklist of skills and strengths. It shows you what you know already and what is possible to learn to help you in the future.

If your goals revolve around going to school, meeting new friends, living on your own, owning your own car, raising a family, traveling, or getting a job you love, CLS helps you make a plan for overcoming the challenges that can get in the way of these dreams.

How CLS works

Your social worker, case manager or other mentor will invite you to take the Casey Life Skills assessment online. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete and you’ll get the results online really fast. Then you can send your assessment results to your social worker or other caring adults. They will sit down with you to help you figure out where you excel and what steps you want to take next.

What kinds of life skills does CLS help you think about?

  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Work and study habits
  • Using public transportation
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Budgeting and paying bills
  • Computers and the Internet

Think back to when you were younger. What was a life skill you learned? Was it dressing yourself, writing your name or tying your shoes? We can reach our goals more easily if we practice certain general life skills that prepare us for any kind of challenge – and for any kind of dream.

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