We believe that giving back to the community in which you live creates a balanced and grateful lifestyle.

It allows each of our clients to experience more gratitude for what they have and become less vested in the unhealthy habits that cause stress and anxiety for many of them. We have found that the clients feel needed and accepted as they serve others.

Although St. George is a small community, ATC has found several ways to serve those around us. We have the opportunity to connect on a regular basis with SWITCHPOINT the local homeless shelter, DOVE center for domestic violence/sexual assault victims, St. George Animal Shelter, Children’s Museum and Habitat for Humanity.

From serving dinner to the homeless, cleaning the women’s shelter, helping rescue an abused animal or sorting material to be used on a new home for someone in need, clients are allowed to find what suits their personality and what gives them the most satisfaction.

ATC Cleanup ATC Landscaping

Residents Provide 3 to 4 Service Activities Every Week

Bowling with Special Olympics

Landscaping/Work Service Activity

Serve & Prepare Meals at Local Soup Kitchen

Kick Boxing Class with Parkinson's Sufferers