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Great program! They took a great care of my son and did the best they could to help him. The staff is highly knowledgeable and very professional. My wife and I are very thankful!

At The Crossroads is a fabulous program. The staff is excellent and dedicated to uncovering each young adults greatest possibilities. The program is committed to instilling the skills and habits to launch lives foreword as the young men and women transition into independence. Rock On ATC!!

This company is the best transitional living program for young adults! I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for their child to get the help they need regarding independence, finances, job searching, sober living, anxiety, and other components that inhibit a young person’s ability to be independent. They have the best resources and support available!

ATC has been a help to so many young adults! The program and staff are awesome!!

Quality staff and location. The program director, Brian, is one of the few who is really actually invested in each and every client’s success.

I have worked for treatment facilities in the past and Crossroads is by far my favorite out of the ones I have been employed at. The treatment team that work with the clients are very orientated around helping the clients to recover and become independent.

At The Crossroads has a successful and unique approach to helping young adults develop the skills they need to become independent. The program is set up in a way that allows young adults to learn life lessons for themselves with the assistance of staff, who is there to help them every step of the way. I believe and support in all of the good that ATC does!

I have known “ATC” and their staff for a few years. They have helped many young men transition into society and launch into college or careers.

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