As social media trends grow in popularity, the effect they have on the way young adults handle dating and relationships becomes even more obvious.

From internet dating, to social media accounts, to the intricacies of emojis in texting, young adult trends have a heavy impact on the way young adults approach relationships. The question is, though: Do social media trends adversely or positively affect young adult relationships?

What Does Social Media Do To Relationships?

The internet is incredibly useful when it comes to keeping in touch with friends who live far away, sharing your daily activities, or just communicating with people around the world, it also comes with its downsides. There have been numerous cases in which social media situations, such as those that take place on Facebook and Instagram, have lead to couples having problems and breaking up. An attractive girl comments on another girl’s boyfriend’s Facebook status, and the accusations start flying. In fact, research has been done that concluded that people who spend a lot of time analyzing a partner’s Facebook page report having greater feelings of jealousy and mistrust. Furthermore, other studies show that people who linger on the pages of their exes end up having a much more difficult time getting over relationships. Young adults rely heavily on social media trends, such as Facebook statuses and the inclusion of hashtags in a Twitter or Instagram update. This leads to them misconstruing the situation, and creates problems in their relationships.

Does Social Media Encourage Young Adults to Cheat on Their Partner?

The numerous types of social media accounts – Instagram, Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.. – make cheating on one’s partner an ever-increasing trend. There are myriad websites and online articles dedicated to finding out if your partner is cheating, figuring out how to appear hotter on social media accounts, how to find out what your ex is up to, and more. Cheating is an increasing trend, resulting from sexual profile pictures, topless pictures uploaded to Instagram, the invention of SnapChat (A picture lasts for 5 seconds, making it easy to cheat on your partner), and more. Social media makes it easier to find someone, text them, and then meet up for a night. While social media has the ability to strengthen a relationship, by sharing sweet pictures and quotes, it has more of an ability to ruin it.

For young adults who are having a hard time bouncing back after social media has had a negative impact on their dating life and relationships, there is professional help available. At The Crossroads provides transitional living programs for young adults who are struggling to live independently, are caught up in substance abuse, are emotionally immature, or who are having other problems that make daily living a challenge. Parents of struggling young adults should look to the professionals of At The Crossroads for immediate help.

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