At The Crossroads is a premier Independent Living Program for troubled young adults struggling with mental health issues, behavioral issues that may have resulted in detention or incarceration, and trouble with living independently. We offer young adult recovery programs and therapy for those dealing with addiction, or mental health issues that are preventing them from navigating out of the teenage years into the adult world of responsibility and accountability. At The Crossroads is known for the development of one of the most successful approaches to the effective treatment of young adults. Rather than punishing troubled young adults for their negative behavior,  helping them to develop positive ways of thinking and healthy behaviors is a far more effective solution. Detention has been proven to be harmful to young adults’ mental health, so moving away from that type of punishment would increase effectiveness of treatment for these young adults in need.

Detention Adversely Affects Mental Health

Detention is a form of secure custody of young adults before a trial, popularly referred to as a “juvenile detention center.” These centers are the youth equivalent of prison, in which most of the young adults have been held up before a court and determined to be delinquent. Some young adults are in detention because they fail to adhere to the stipulations of probation or parole, or they be waiting for their final disposition, such as a sentence of participation within community program or juvenile correctional facility.
Not only does detention expose young adults to a hostile, prison-like environment with high security, but it also adversely affects their mental health. A recent literature review of youth corrections has proven that detention has a profoundly negative effect on young adults’ mental and physical health, their education, and their chances for employment.
While detention centers do serve a role by temporarily supervising at-risk youth, these young adults would be far more likely to benefit from an Independent Living Program like At The Crossroads.  Our team provides a program for troubled young adults that is more effective, efficient, and long-lasting than detention and incarceration, or even traditional inpatient treatment.

At The Crossroads

Our program is a holistic approach to treatment, combining profound life skills coaching, therapy, and therapeutic intervention. Programs and counseling provided through At The Crossroads covers the most important aspects of a young person’s life – emotional, physical, and spiritual. We understand that positive change begins from within, and a healing environment will facilitate that change. This is why At The Crossroads is the optimal solution for troubled young adults, and proves to be far more effective than detention and/or incarceration.
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