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College is an unusual time for a growing young adult. The reality is, it’s almost like unleashing complete freedom in an environment that’s perfect for cultivating two very different realities, like flipping a coin. When students go to school away from their parents for the first time, they experience an unfamiliar sense of freedom- they can do what they want, say what they want, feel how they want, and study when they want- and the crushing part of the situation to most parents is that they are truly losing control of their precious baby boys and girls, and worried about them being some sort of College failure.

Don’t worry, parents. Young adults aren’t facing anything different than previous generations- they’re just doing it with more technology.

Realistically, People Have Been Dropping Out of School For Decades Now.

College is a very expensive investment. When parents are sporting the bill, they expect their children to remain studious and keep their noses to the grindstone to attempt to get an all- important degree so that they can be successful in life, right?

Sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. People decide whether pursuing education is right for them, and then make their decision. Quitting school has always been that way- people dropped out of college in the 60’s to drive micro-buses across America- aren’t you glad you aren’t that parent?

The American Institute of Research released an interesting report about the rising costs of college in relation to college dropouts that can be found here

Again, realistically, Diplomas and Degrees are not the End-All-Be-All Guarantee to a Better Life.

Isn’t it the experiences that define who we are? We grow intrinsically and extrinsically as we explore different facets of our personalities and seek to figure out who we are, and what we want to do- and let’s face it, these are some of the most difficult times of your young adults life- the world isn’t looking too pretty out there if you’re not working on an applicable skill, because that’s not college failure, that’s life failure.

While You Do Not Have to Have a Degree or Diploma to be Successful, You DO Have To Be Willing to Invest Your Life to Something.

-It’s imperative to help your young adult cultivate something that they enjoy or take pride in.
-Discuss the options of going to college with your child early, and develop important decision-making opinions.
-DON’T shelter your young adult! You’re just making the situation worse when they DO get out in the real world.
-Sometimes college isn’t right for everyone, but it’s an EXPENSIVE investment. Help your young adult learn if college is right for them by sending them to a community or junior college. They’re less expensive, and less difficult that college, plus your child will be exposed to a smaller sub-group of people, plus you can keep an eye on them from home!
-Try not to be overbearing. We know it’s difficult, but remember when you were a young adult, and you wanted to grow up on your own and experience life. It wasn’t THAT long ago.

Some great information about reasons to have your young adult attend community college can be found here.

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