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We each have our own story, and the trials and experiences that have come with it. Sometimes, it’s hard to fathom our children having their own story, as they grow and blossom into adulthood. Yet we all started out as young adults once, and all started out with quite a bit less wisdom and sense than we credit ourselves with now.

When our young adults make choices that we can’t understand or worry about, we forget that we, too, struggled to find our way:

“As newcomers to adulthood,” says Jerry Waxler, M.S., “we have less than perfect vision, and must base our choices on our own small sliver of experience, pressured by invisible forces inside us about who we think we are supposed to become. Yet despite our incompletely formed ideas, the mistakes and victories we make in young adulthood shape our lives.”

Our experiences as we grew made us view the world in a certain way, helped us recognize the opportunities and experiences of those around us. Often it will lead us to those who we will spend our future with, and into careers and other life choices that affect the rest of our lives.

Moving Forward

With this in mind, sometimes it is imperative to help our children who are young adults find their way through their own “story.” While it is important that they experience life, there may be issues and circumstances that prevent them from going in a good and healthy direction. Jerry Waxler also mentions this:

“It takes preparation to successfully face the world. Yet, many young adults want to get started whether they are ready or not, eager to start a family before they have considered their livelihood, or so anxious to get away from home they give up the supportive safety net of the family. They recklessly step out of their teen role and jump into adult responsibilities without first testing the waters. If they move forward before they’re ready, they face their life challenges at a disadvantage. On the other hand, some young adults want to hang back and cling to the family and their own childhood dependence. This extended period of helplessness drains them of confidence and hope. Whether they are forced out too soon or hold back too long, they might not be energized and prepared to live life to its full potential.”

No matter their age, we want our children to reach their full potential. Parental guidance can often help and when it doesn’t, programs like At The Crossroads are there to lend their assistance. To find out more, call their professional family advocates at 1 (866) 439-0354.

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