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Often, young adults who fail to become independent are being influenced in this behavior by their friends and peers. This can create a negative feedback cycle that is hard to break without help from a professional program like At The Crossroads. Our program specializes in helping young adults in this situation break out of old patterns and embrace an independent future. We are positive our program can make a huge impact on anyone in this situation.

Encouraging Young Adults To Move Towards Independence

1 – Positive support and encouragement – While your son or daughter is staying with us, they won’t be surrounded by peers that encourage them to make the wrong choices. Instead, they’ll be part of a positive support community dedicated to bringing about long-term change and improvement.

2 – Focus on building skills – Building skills and traits like responsibility, self-reliance, and personal accountability can make a huge difference. We seek to instill these in everyone who stays with us to ensure that they are capable of making substantial changes to their life after returning home.

3 – Therapy – In many cases, there are underlying reasons behind a young adult having failed to become independent. Regardless of the personal reason, it is essential that this is dealt with so that your son or daughter can move forward with their life. Our staff uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to ensure that this happens for every young adult who stays with us.

Finding Help For Young Adults

If you are looking for help to encourage your young adult son or daughter to become more independent, then At The Crossroads is the right choice for you. Our program has the resources necessary to take young adults and teach them the skills and values they need to live independently. We have helped hundreds of families from across the country tackle this difficult issue and we can help you too. Spending just a short time with us will change your son or daughter’s life.

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