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According to money.com over 60% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 34 feel that the American dream for them is unattainable. Of those who still believe that it is possible to attain a comfortable lifestyle in America, most believe that it will take serious work on the part of the public and government sectors. The statistics point to the fact that many in the young adult category are aware of the current economic issues that contribute to this bleak outlook.

Evidence affecting opinions of young adults

Political squabbling over economic issues in Washington has been pasted across the news for the past several years. Our young people are exposed to the apparent instability in decision making processes and the heavily broadcast financial crisis which have plagued the country. Cuts in funding for higher education make it more difficult for many middle class young adults to secure the education that is needed for higher paying jobs, unless they are willing to incur a sizable debt to do so. With the current outlook on jobs availability in many sectors makes investing in higher education the equivalent of a gamble. Without a good prospect for immediate employment after college, repayment of student loans could result in starting adult life with poor credit scores and a heavy financial burden. The economic chaos does little to promote a positive outlook without strategic planning, hard work and a little luck.

Definition of the American dream

The American dream has long called people from foreign shores to cash in on the great opportunities that American society is known for. Freedom to pursue personal goals and aspirations, to build wealth or at least a decent living and the chance to give it all you’ve got to find your place in the world. Life, liberty and happiness are appealing to most people.

The American dream and different points of view

Young adults who are born into the American lifestyle may have a different point of view. We take for granted that society demands equal rights for all citizens. We have become accustomed to programs that provide assistance to help those with fewer resources to have a better chance for self improvement. When the programs begin to decline, the public is disappointed and confidence levels drop. Opportunities are not as abundant, but they are still present. The opportunities to achieve the American dare available for most citizens to pursue but there is less guarantee of reaching the goal.

Is the American dream a thing of the past?

While some believe that the concept of the American dream is a fairy tale, there are those who are determined to achieve their goals. Many young people are biting the bullet financially, rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the business of preparing for their futures. Technology provides plenty of information on job market trends and the most likely industries to find work in the near future. Online tools help in the planning for reaching and achieving life goals. Having the freedom and opportunity to pursue these aspirations is indeed an aspect of achieving the American dream.

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