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Like most parents, I always expected my son to make the transition into adulthood without much of a push. My wife and I thought he would want to become more independent and find a place of his own after high school, but that isn’t what happened. For the first couple years, he continued to live at home while attending a local community college, but he eventually dropped out and only had a part time job to fill his days. We kept waiting for him to take the next step in his life, but he seemed totally content to just live in our basement and spend all of his time playing video games. By the time he turned 23, and showed no signs of wanting to take any steps to improve his life, we realized that we would have to take some kind of action to push him forward in his life.

Looking For The Right Help

At first, my wife and I were unsure where to turn for help with this problem. How do you push your adult child to live an independent life without just kicking them out of the house? We considered doing this, but we knew there was no way he could possible support himself with his part time job. Instead, we began looking around for therapeutic resources that could help him build the skills he needed to really live as an adult. There weren’t many programs that specialized in this kind of help, but eventually we found At The Crossroads. After some careful consideration, we enrolled my son there in 2011.

The Results Were Fantastic

It was hard to know what exactly to expect when we sent our son off to At The Crossroads, but my wife and I were both hopeful. Luckily, things worked out even better than we had imagined possible. When my son returned from treatment, he seemed like a different person. He was driven to improve himself and quickly found full time work and moved out of our house. Over the last three years, he has really started to live up to the potential we always knew he had.

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