At The Crossroads 2018 Year in Review Highlights

JCAHO Accreditation

This May, after two years of getting paperwork and processes in order, and undergoing a rigorous three-day on-site survey, we were able to receive our JCAHO accreditation. We are honored to be one of only a few transitional programs to receive the Gold Seal of Approval, and we look forward to continuing to improve care for the families and young adults we serve.

Conferences & Presentations

ATC’s clinical team attended NATSAP and YATA conferences this year, and was able to give a presentation for each. At NATSAP, the topic was “Coaching Parents of Young Adults on Detachment and Boundary Setting,” and at YATA they used a “backwards bike” as a hands-on metaphor for the challenges our clients with autism spectrum disorders face.

Our Community Partnership Program

This year, ATC implemented a full-fledged service program that gives our students a variety of opportunities to serve and be examples to the community. These partnerships include an assisted living center, a homeless/food shelter, a battered women shelter, a local special needs group, and a local elementary school’s reading program. You can see more photos of our service projects on ATC’s Instagram.

Donny Collins, BS: House Manager

Donny is a returning member of the team. After taking some time away from ATC to explore other career options, Donny found himself wanting to return to ATC. Donny comes back invigorated and has brought valuable experience and leadership to our colleague team.

Valerie Memmott, RN: Medical Coordinator

Valerie has quickly become a valued asset to ATC. We admire her always cheerful disposition and willingness to be flexible and available at any hour. Somehow Valerie manages to raise four children and still keep up with supporting our student’s medical needs.

What’s next for ATC in 2019?

Mike Hench, LMFT and Mark Noe, LCMHC will be traveling to NATSAP in San Antonio in late January to present on Coaching Young Adult Parents on Detachment and Setting Boundaries.

We are in the process of reorganizing our organizational structure to increase efficiency, better utilize staff strengths and create a more seamless and effective treatment experience.
We are excited to announce the hiring of our new admissions and business development director shortly so stay tuned.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

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