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One of the greatest frustrations a parent can have is watching a grown child falter in life due to their struggles with chemical addiction. When a young adult abuses substances, it can be difficult for him or her to make healthy decisions about their substance abuse-related issues.

Witnessing their addicted adult-child struggle can be so difficult, in fact, that it often leaves parents at a total loss as to what to do next: should they continue to support their son or daughter by providing a safe place for them to live, or should said mom and dad kick them out of the house to sink or swim on their own?

The point is: no one can really know how one will react to this kind of situation until you’re actually the parent of an addicted young adult.

Most parents are not trained to deal with the psychological issues of an addicted adult child is dealing with, and the fact that they love and care fore these children only further complicates things.

Thankfully, there are treatment programs specifically designed for young adults that abuse dangerous substances. At The Crossroads (ATC) is one such program that can actually answer the “what do we do?” questions for parents. The highly trained family advocates and therapists at ATC can answer every question you might have. You can contact ATC at (866) 439-0354.

Help is Available for Troubled Young Men and Women

At The Crossroads is a Transitional Living Program that is built to help grown children figure out why they are making bad decisions. At The Crossroads staff understands that these young adults aren’t bad people, but rather are just individuals who have made some negative choices in their past that have stunted the growth process.

The goal for students at ATC is to change the path they are traveling and replace it with one that has more probability for success.
When the lack of growth is due to substance abuse issues, parents may feel overwhelmed with the thought of how to correctly help their child. In many cases, these older children need structured living situations that require living away from the comfort of their homes. It isn’t a boot camp or a swift kick in the rear that will help them, but coordinated living that will break the thought patterns and habits they struggle to overcome.

ATC Pathways System Promotes Responsibility

Each participant in the At The Crossroads program will learn four things during the treatment process: how to live independently, healthy living habits, spiritual awareness, and how to develop and maintain healthy relationships. As these troubled young adults mature emotionally, physically and spiritually, they begin to understand the attitudes of a well-adjusted adult. The staff and family advocates at ATC are willing and ready to help your older children make the important life decisions as each of them get ready to transition into adulthood as a contributing member of society.

For immediate assistance and information on how At The Crossroads can serve your son or daughter, please call At The Crossroads at (866) 439-0354.

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