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Modernization has definitely helped in lowering the mortality rate for young adults, but we are still seeing an increase, in rates, caused by drug overdoseinjury, and suicide. The million dollar question is ‘Why?’

There’s no doubt that parents can do a lot of things in order to help their teenage daughters and sons. Parents can help them resolve a variety of different situations that are difficult to handle. Bullyingsubstance abuseviolence, and depressions are very serious issues that teens and parents can work together in order to come to a solution.

Parents Need to Fix Their Own Problem Before They Can Help Their Children

However, there are times when parents need to stop and confront their own problems before they even think about helping their teenager who is suffering from a crisis. A teenager can easily become a statistic if he or she lives in a household where there is drug or alcohol abuse, even if substance abuse or a parent’s violent behavior occurred when the teenager was a small child, he or she can definitely sustain a severe emotional trauma that can last for many years to come, even a lifetime. Studies show that repercussions can always be present when the issue is not fixed from the root.

Studies Show that about 90% of children who reside in homes where there is intimate partner violence—definitely hears or sees the abuse. Furthermore, in the future, children are most likely to become violent than other children–if they were exposed to family violence. If a parent had a drinking or drug use issue, it is more than likely that the child will use drugs and alcohol and hang around the bad crowd as soon as he or she enters middle school or high school.

Drug Overdose, Injury and Suicide

Drug overdose, injury, and suicide rates are on the rise no matter how much everything around us advances, because the problem lies within. A couple of things in this world are able to alleviate the internal issue for a while but will never be able to solve it long-term. For this reason, in order for these rates to descend, parents need to take a look in the mirror in order to double-check that everything is in order with their own lives first.

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