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In many households, it is encouraged for young adults remain active when it comes to spirituality and religion.

Many parents share with their children, as they grow, their personal beliefs, morals, and ethics as it relates to young adults and religion.

Parents who carry out what they dictate – or “practice what they preach,” as the old adage goes – as the household rule are the major influences related to young adults keeping faith into their 20s and, perhaps, even beyond. Several studies have shown that only 1% of young adults of ages 15 to 17 that were raised in a non-religious household ended up being highly religious in their mid-to-late 20s. In contrast, 82% of those from a religious household remained religiously active as young adults. So, why is this important?

The Influence That Lasts

Spiritual beliefs and religious practices among youth and young adults are critical to monitor, as they are frequently related to the development of a strong personal identity and positive morals. As a result of this, purpose and goal attainment, educational achievement, and emotional maturity are some of the benefits that come from being raised in a religious household. Many teens who grow up in a religious household are far less likely to develop unhealthy habits – such as smoking, substance abuse, and violence – as young adults. It doesn’t matter which religion is being practiced, either. Emerging theory-driven frameworks of spiritual development illustrate spirituality as being a multi-faceted, complicated dimension of human experience. Generally, though, it involves attending services and identifying with the beliefs of a specific religion or religious community.

Can this really affect young adults positively?

Many people feel that religion is a giant placebo effect but, even if this is true, it works in favor of teens and young adults. They feel accountable to a deity, and to their church or temple. Therefore, they work hard to prove their moral values and beliefs are in-sync with what they are taught. It becomes part of their self-identity, making them into strong, secure young adults who are strengthened in who they are.

Does Your Young Adult Need Help?

At The Crossroads (ATC) is a program to help young adults who have lost their way in many ways. One aspect of their program is The Pathway to Spiritual Awareness, in which young adults are revived and aided by experiencing spiritual awareness in their own way, and on their own terms. This isn’t easy, but it does prove a deeper understanding of self and the world in which we all live – from a spiritual viewpoint.

At The Crossroads is an Independent Living Program designed to help young adults ages 18-25 to become successful, self-sustaining individuals. To find out more, call us at (866) 439-0354.

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