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If you are looking into therapeutic intervention programs for troubled young adults, your best bet is to find a program that specializes in their mental health treatment. Moreover, the program you choose must meet their specific needs. Not all youthful men and women are the same, and their issues are vast and cover a huge spectrum of problems. Seems simple, but all too often parents end up placing their adult child in the wrong situation. Unfortunately, parents who do not look at the specific needs of their child are disappointed and devastated. Placement into the wrong program will waste time, money, and precious resources.

What are Troubled Young Adults?

The term ‘troubled young adults,’ similar to that of troubled teens, is a catch-all behavioral term that is used to describe a young adult man or woman who, for most likely, many reasons – mental health issues, immaturity, addiction, lack of preparedness for the challenges of adulthood, etc. – have failed to live a life that has any semblance of a productive or successful adult. In fact, many troubled young adults still live at home and more or less still act like an out of control high school student. With no vision, or any motivation to change the overall quality of their fledgling lifestyle, these troubled young men women are prone to negative life-consequences such as, substance abuse and addiction, self-harm, or becoming complacent in living a life of or below mediocrity – all things most parents have dedicated their parenting years in helping their child avoid at all costs.

Troubled Young Adults Have a Difficult time with Transitioning Into Adulthood

one of the main characteristics of troubled young adults is their seeming inability to fully integrate into adulthood and all the responsibilities that come after one turns 18 years of age. Consequently, their lack of preparedness for the world has left troubled young adults another moniker: Failure to launch.

As its title suggests, failures to launch are young men and women who still live with their mom and dad upon graduating high school. While the two terms are often used in place of the other, they can also be used in slightly different ways. While ‘failures to launch’ often do classify as being ‘troubled’ they do not necessarily have to have any of the same maladaptive behavioral disorders like that of troubled young adults – such as drug-related, dangerous, or other extreme self-sabotaging behaviors. There are many failures to launch, for instance, that simply enjoy the lack of responsibilities of living a fully functional, adult lifestyle.

Regardless of whether or not failures to launch have any deep-seated mental health disorders like their closest behavioral relative, troubled young adults, they both share one similarity in that most of those young men who fit the two terms classification are in need of therapeutic intervention.

For ‘failures to launch,’ this form of therapeutic intervention is what the behavioral industry calls, transitional or independent living programs. – facilities that simulate what’s it like to live an independent lifestyle where young adults are taught life skills and applications that are necessary when living on one’s own volition.

However, troubled young adults, on the other hand, would probably be treated most effectively at a residential treatment center that employs psychiatric professionals and other therapeutic counselors who are expert in rehabilitating maladaptive, self-destructive behaviors, such as addiction and self-harm.

That said, there are few truly cutting-edge facilities that provide both modes of treatment, transitional and residential, to troubled young adults who are also in need of developing crucial life skills. Among these types of facilities is our very own, At The Crossroads (ATC).

At The Crossroads we are experts in helping troubled kids between the ages of 18 to 25 transition into adulthood. Our program is designed to identify and then address the specific issues of our students. We understand that each young person is unique, and their issues are also unique. We specialize in the delivery of therapeutic intervention for young people facing specific issues. To us, it is not about the “treatment”… as much as it is about the specialization of the treatment. When struggling youthful men and women receive clinical help at a home for troubled young adults, specifically designed to meet their unique issues we believe that we have the greatest opportunity for long-term success.

For Troubled Young Adults Who Need a Therapeutic Intervention Program, Call ATC

Many young adults find success through therapeutic intervention programs by learning about what contributes to their destructive behaviors. If you have reached the point of considering a program that is designed to help turn troubled young people around, call At The Crossroads at (866) 439-0354. You can find the right option for your adult child by consulting with our professional Admissions Counselor.

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