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There are several different paths that young adults can opt to take as they begin the process of taking control of their lives. Achieving adequate employment that will be both satisfying and financially rewarding is one of the major milestones at this time. Young adults pursuing jobs or a career can do so with or without a college education. These tips are designed to highlight the top career options currently available for young adults just starting out.

Different training options

Career choices dictate the type of training that is needed for any given position. College degrees, most commonly bachelors and masters allow for management level positions and a higher earning potential in many fields. Some jobs call for vocational certification and others need to outside education other than on the job training.

Top jobs requiring post secondary education

Health services managers require a bachelor’s degree with an annual salary range of $70,000 to $117,000.

Physicians assistants can earn up to $44 per hour. This is one of the higher paid positions for young adults who pursue college degrees in the medical field. The projected growth rate for jobs in this field is 14%.

Teachers in the field of self enrichment education offers annual earnings averaging $36,000. The projected growth rate is at 32%.

Petroleum engineer starting salaries are $93,000 per year and the median range is $157,000. A bachelor’s degree is required for entry level in this position and advancement is dependent upon time in the field and experience.

Electrical engineer salaries range from $64,000 per year starting to $104,000 as the median. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is needed for this career option.

Top jobs available without college education

Dental assistant positions require training to earn a certificate in the discipline. A college degree is not needed and the job outlook shows a 24 percent increase in projected openings. The income range for this career choice is between $28, 000 and $41,000 annually.

Health information technicians require training that is available through several different outlets. The outlook for growth in the next 10 years is 22% with a salary range of $22,000 and $45,000 per year.

Massage therapists earn between $24,000 and $51000 annually. The estimated increase in jobs in this field over the next 10 years is at just over 22%.

Carpenters generally only require a high school diploma or equivalency. The projected 10 year growth rate for job openings is 24% with a salary range between $31,000 per year and $55,000.

Electrician positions are expected to increase by just over 19% in the next 10 years. The annual salary range is $38,000 to $66,000. A high school diploma is required for entry level in these positions. Certifications may be required by some companies, but these can be achieved through several different sources at any point in the career. Experience and time spent on the job is helpful in achieving higher levels of responsibility and pay.

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