At The Crossroads offers young adult treatment to troubled young adults who are struggling to “grow up,” and make responsible decisions on their own. At The Crossroads is experienced in helping young adults, ages 18 – 28, who are struggling to overcome obstacles to success. For more information regarding At The Crossroads, please contact our Admissions Directors by calling 866-439-0354.

Young Adult Treatment is more necessary in our country than ever. Young adults are in desperate need of treatment, most without realizing it. Troubled young adults are becoming a large epidemic in our country today, one that is often continuing without treatment.

Issues that require treatment:

  • Dabbling, experimenting, or flat out addicted to various substances
  • ADD
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder

Many troubled young adults do not realize they are troubled young adults. Their unhealthy behaviors, addictions, and the way they have lived their lives often stem from their time of adolescence. In other words, most troubled young adults are former “troubled teens.” This means that troubled teenagers’ negative behaviors went untreated, therefore they carried on into adulthood where it is much harder to treat.

The problem with being a parent of a troubled young adult is that you cannot force them into a therapeutic program that can help them with their various issues. This is easily achieved when the person is under the age of 18, but under most circumstances, impossible to do so after they have reached adulthood.

At The Crossroads offers young adult treatment for Troubled Young Adults…

For parents looking to help their struggling young adult, there are options. By giving your son or daughter the ultimatum of either going to a treatment program or moving out on their own, most troubled young adults will choose to seek treatment. Luckily for these families, At The Crossroads is here to help. Through our intensive, but fully comprehensible treatment program, young adults will learn how to live independently, as well as successfully. For more information, please call us now at 866-439-0354.

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