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Young adults often find it difficult to avoid the temptation of drugs and alcohol in the modern world as they are so common among young adults. Tobacco is smoked by many individuals and alcohol is consumed on a regular basis at bars and clubs. So why do young people get attracted to drugs and alcohol and how can they be controlled or avoided?

Many young people take drugs at a stage in their life where they are going through transitions on a physical level and on a psychological level. These can sometimes be difficult to cope with and some individuals may try and escape their problems through the activity of drug use. If an individual is having problems within their personal life due to physical and psychological changes then drugs may offer a temporary solution. However, if a young adult becomes dependent on these drugs then this will create more problems in the long run.

Alcohol can be as Dangerous as Illegal Substances

Alcohol can be a dangerous substance to young adults as they may not appreciate the strength of alcohol and may drink at levels that are risky and sometimes fatal. It is illegal to allow those who are under 18-years of age access to the purchase of alcohol in shops but it is still easy for these individuals to gain access to it, so it is important that we teach young individuals the dangers that are involved, rather than trying to ban them from it completely.

Illegal drugs are also used by young individuals but these are not as common as alcohol and cigarettes. However, these drugs are still in circulation and can be found at parties and clubs. Drugs such as marijuana and Amphetamines can have a selection of negative effects on an individual’s mental state. Sometimes causing hallucinations, delusions and aggressive behavior. As with the alcohol, individuals should be taught about the dangers involved when taking these drugs, so that they can make their own decision about how they use them. It is a good idea to keep an eye on these young adults, so to make notes of any early signs of drug abuse.

It Is Important for Young Adults to be Educated on Drugs and Alcohol

It is important that we are able to discuss with young people about the dangers and responsibilities that come with drug and alcohol use so that they are able to form a well educated opinion on this subject. Blocking their use will only cause the individual to seek it out more.

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