In this article we will explain what an Emerging Young Adult is and how that particular term, as well as Failure to Launch, differs from an Emerging Adult, as well as effective ways to help people who are struggling find their own path in life.

What is an Emerging Young Adult?

Simply put, an Emerging Young Adult is someone who is basically stuck between being a teenager and a responsible adult. It isn’t that they don’t want to be responsible and make good choices, but they often seem to be stuck in the transition, both from a mental and emotional standpoint. In all likelihood, the overwhelming majority and these individuals have a tremendous desire to make the right choices and do everything that is expected of them, yet they find it difficult to cope with the demands of living daily life as an adult. Sometimes, this is due to substance abuse or making poor choices. At other times, it is due to other psychological issues which basically prevent a person from living a full and happy life without the right assistance. Many people that suffer from crushing anxiety and depression find themselves stuck in this transition period, as their fears and worries keep them from making the choices that they would have to make in order to live a fulfilling life as an independent adult.

Understanding the Difference Between an Emerging Adult and Failure to Launch

An Emerging Adult is considered as someone who is exiting their teenage years and making the transition into adulthood without a great deal of difficulty. While there are always challenges at this age, they seem to handle the majority of them and for the most part, there are not a lot of major issues that seem to be going on. As a result, necessary things like money management, responsibility and other independent living skills can often be taught at home. In fact, these individuals are usually rather anxious to strike out on their own. Conversely, those who are suffering from Failure to Launch do not do as well when it becomes time to transfer from a dependent teenager into an independent adult. It is not that these people make the decision to live at home for the rest of their lives and let someone else take care of them. Instead, they simply don’t develop the skills that are necessary to do this for one reason or another (Stefanakos). In order to help them, it is necessary to get to the bottom of things and understand what is causing the problem.

Finding Effective Ways to Emerge as an Adult

Fortunately, At the Crossroads specializes in helping people who are struggling to get past their challenges and live happy, productive lives. Experts point out the fact that getting those who are suffering the proper help is imperative in order to experience any level of success. However, it does not end there. According to one popular website, Out of the Fog, the reactions of others are just as important. The website speaks specifically about those who suffer from emotional immaturity and how loved ones must deal with the situation with kindness and empathy. At the Crossroads can help those who are suffering develop at a rate that suits them instead of pushing them over the edge. The people there help those who are struggling find the best version of themselves.

On the Lighter Side of this Serious Issue – Here is a Funny Video on Becoming a Responsible Adult:

Whether a person is suffering because of substance abuse, personality disorders or emotional immaturity, At the Crossroads provides them with the coping skills they need to thrive. It provides a safe place to help them learn the independent living skills that are necessary to succeed on their own one day by coupling unique techniques with special therapies that are proven to work in an environment that is completely unthreatening. ATC is a program that has succeeded where virtually everything else has failed. To get help now, please call 1-866-439-0354.

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