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What is a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) and How Can Young Adults utilize this support tool. First of all collegiate recovery is a program of support for struggling students that are in recovery from various addiction issues and are seeking a degree in college, a university diploma or another form of higher education.

Collegiate Recovery consists of a campus-based framework to support recovering, current or ex-student addicts by sharing the goals of preventing a relapse, providing addiction support and by promoting good academic performance.

Collegiate Recovery is a Program that Helps Young Adults Get Their Degrees

Collegiate Recovery also consists of a community outreach to the student population that participates in recovery on or off campus and through specialized peer support. A collegiate recovery program provides a supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to disengage from addictive behaviors.

The program is designed to provide an educational and life skills opportunity alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one form of support for the other.

The Betty Ford Institute in the 2007 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (JSAT) defined collegiate recovery as “a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health and citizenship“.

As many of you know, recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. Since twenty percent of the population between 18 and 21 meet the criteria for substance abuse disorders (and btw: that is a scary percentage) too many of our young adults are affected by this problem.  The college atmosphere is a great place for supporting students in recovery & for creating a positive impact on their lives & help eliminate the social stigma associated with addiction.

For young adults who are struggling to get a degree or advanced educational opportunities, ATC offers a last chance. We are passionate about providing the perfect opportunity for complete collegiate recovery. We want to help! If you have an adult child who is struggling with finding that next phase of his or her life, please call At The Crossroads at 866-439-0354 to speak to a Admissions Counselor, today.

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