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Young adults’ lives are full of trials and tribulations and are an emotional rollercoaster than lasts for years.

With emotional stress and sadness leading to the development of bad habits and depression, early adulthood is the time in which there is a high likelihood of depression setting in. Without the proper help offered through therapy, bad habits and depression can severely impact the life of young adults for years to come.

To begin with, it’s important to keep in mind that early adulthood is a period marked by drastic changes and fluctuations in physical, mental, and emotional growth. The onset of mental health disorders is likely to occur during this time. It’s pretty much universally understood that young adults/teens are moody, cranky, and angsty at times, and without any mental health disorder being the culprit. It’s just an unfortunate part of being a teenager. However, there are noteworthy indicators that could illustrate something more serious than hormonal teenage angst.

What Are Some Indications of Depression?

If your teen shows signs of:

* A bad mood that lasts longer than a few days
* Anti-social behavior
* Lasting anger, irritability, or depression.
* Dramatic changes in appetite or weight

According to the NICE Guidelines of 2005, at any one time, the number of children and young people with depression are 1/100 children and 1/33 young adults. This proves that, in comparison to children, teens are more susceptible to depression.

What Can Be Done?

If you believe that your teen may be having trouble with bad habits or depression, it is best to seek therapy services before things get worse. At The Crossroads is one of the best for families with struggling adults. They work in collaboration with counseling services that provide therapeutic intervention services. Job coaches assist young adults in figuring out their workforce strengths and weaknesses, and help them to figure out what to do with these findings. Finally, At The Crossroads presents 9-month aftercare programs for those who have completed short-term wilderness therapy, residential treatment, or outpatient substance recovery services. If your teen is having troubling dealing with adverse effects from bad habits, or is exhibiting signs of depression, contact At The Crossroads today.

At The Crossroads is an Independent Living Program designed to help young adults ages 18-25 to become successful, self-sustaining individuals. To find out more, call us at (866) 439-0354.

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