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Teens and twenty somethings face an uphill battle in today’s bad economy. A decade or two ago, most young people could move out of the family home, and start taking responsibility for their lives. Within a few years of graduating from high school or college, they either found roommates or moved to a small space of their own. During those first years, a young adult might have floundered a bit and need a small assist, but most were off on their own within a couple of years. Failure to Launch has been the phrase used to describe what is happening with young people today. They struggle to launch (become independent) in the poor economy, and continue to live with their parents for many years after they finish with school.

Whether kids have a dream job or not, finding any job is a challenge today. People from 18 to 30 have higher unemployment rates than any other demographic. Those that are employed are often underemployed, making it hard to move out of their parents’ house. If the young person did have a dream job, giving up on that dream is frustrating for them. After completing their education, just taking any job that pays is tough. Find help at http://business.time.com/2011/11/28/how-to-get-your-dream-job-in-a-bad-economy.

Advanced Education While Living at Home

If your children did not get any advanced education, help them look at what jobs are available out there. Whether community college, trade school, or a four-year university will prepare them for a job, using this down time in the economy to prepare for a career might be the best bet. Having them live at home while in school, feels better than watching them become a couch potato. Look online for the best deals in colleges. www.younginvincables.org.

The family dynamic in a home changes, when parents and their adult children live under the same roof. As adults, they feel like they should be able to do whatever they want. Parents have trouble relating to their children as adults. Have an honest and open conversation, adult to adult. If your children are unable to move out of they house, you do have the right to make rules for the household. Letting each other know when you will be gone overnight is common courtesy. Everyone is also entitled to privacy. Financially, every adult should contribute to shared expenses. If they can’t find work, talk about other ways to contribute. You may have to put a limit on how long they can stay if they are not making an honest effort to find work. For more information about your children becoming independent, see what Dr. Phil says. http://www.drphil.com/articles/article/138.

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