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Every synthesized drug started with a name no one other than a chemist would recognize. However, as these drugs grew in popularity the common names that everyone recognizes emerged. A good example of this is ecstasy. Would you know what someone was talking about if they called it methylenedioxymethamphetamine?

Recently, chemists have started making these relatively unknown new synthesized drugs at a faster pace than ever before. It has reached the point that there are even websites where people discuss the effects of new substances they have been experimenting. Because most of these new drugs being created haven’t entered the public consciousness yet, they are popular among those seeking to circumvent legal restrictions on more well known substances.

This is a grey area in the law, as people are constantly creating new drugs that are not yet illegal. The unfortunate side effect of this strategy to avoid breaking the law is that it encourages individuals to take drugs that have not been studied and are not fully understood. With substances like alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, or even heroin, a user is at least aware of the fact that their are established negative health impacts.

When experimenting with these newly created drugs, there is a complete lack of information as to any long or short-term effects. These drugs are so new that it is impossible to even find other users that could relate any long-term health effects they have experienced. The end result is that people trying to be on the cutting edge of newly developed substances is at greater risk than almost any other drug user.

New Drugs That Are Growing In Popularity

1 – 4-AcO-DMT – A research chemical that is being used recreationally for hallucinogenic effects.

2 – JWH-250 – A synthetic cannabinoid that has recently started attracting the attention of law enforcement.

3 – 6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane – This substance impacts the levels of serotonin in a user’s brain.

If you or someone you know has been struggling with addiction to these new types of drugs, then you may need professional help. It is important not to take addiction issues lightly, as they can quickly degrade a person’s physical and mental health. Getting the right help can ensure good outcomes.

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