There are a variety of reasons why young adults don’t end up in college or have a successful job.

It may be because an individual lacks some necessary life skills or self-discipline, but it isn’t always by choice that person’s higher education is side-stepped. Even worse, sometimes the detour leads to drugs and alcohol dependency, and substance abuse can have a devastating effect on a person’s healthy transition into independent adulthood. In these cases, therapy and treatment is needed… and the sooner the better.

Why Young Adults Turn to Drugs and Alcohol When They Don’t Get an Education

Often times those who forego college or some sort of higher education career program are plagued with doubt and self-esteem issues – and sometimes it’s centered around the fact that they have never finished high school at all. They may not only lack a high school degree, but they may also lack basic life skills that weren’t taught to them when they were younger. This might include resume writing or understanding how to manage their money.

The results of a lack of life skills generally means that their lives don’t end up with a focus or purpose, and as a result, the escape of drugs and alcohol are an appealing alternative to the anxiety they face by admitting that they could really use a little help.

How Can You Help a Young Adult with a Substance Abuse Problem?

When a young adult has a substance abuse problem, they need to seek professional help. The right kind of therapy can bring any underlying co-occurring issues to the forefront and provide the individualized treatment necessary to make each person an independent success, as well as turn them into a beacon of support for those around them.

Treatment programs that combine a rehabilitation plan with therapy and life skills development are usually the most successful, and when the rehabilitation center combines these aspects with a means to facilitate an individual’s education, the results are astounding. Not only do struggling young adults end up with careers and better life skills overall, but they end up with purpose, self-respect, and increased self-confidence as well.

Self-confident people and those who hold themselves with a healthy amount of self-worth don’t usually turn to drugs without some sort of traumatic event. So, if you know of anyone who has become a victim of the destructive forces of drugs and alcohol, it’s time they got professional help – and At the Crossroads is the perfect place for them to get it.

As a program specifically designed to help troubled young adults transition into more independent and productive member of society, the At the Crossroads Pathway to Success Program is particularly adept at helping those who may be stagnant or stuck in their habits and who just need a little help finding their vision.

Everyone can succeed; sometimes, they just need the right guidance to get them there.

At The Crossroads is an Independent Living Program designed to help young adults ages 18-25 to become successful, self-sustaining individuals. To find out more, call us at (866) 439-0354.

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