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The 12 step program was developed by recovering alcoholics over 80 years ago as a means of rehabilitating young men and women struggling with alcoholism. We know this group today as Alcoholics Anonymous, or as it is now more commonly known as, “A.A.”

Since it’s humble beginnings, however, the 12 steps have exponentially grown and evolved into an effective tool that most reputable rehab clinics from Bountiful, UT continue to implement.

Simply put, through the steps’ traditions and guiding principles recovering-young men and women from Bountiful, UT can achieve sobriety, regardless of their drug or compulsion of choice.

Did You Know That In the Bountiful, UT Area (And Far Beyond) There are Hundreds of 12 Step Programs That Treat All Types of Addictive/Compulsive Behaviors?

While most people are familiar with NA and AA fellowships, few realize that there are literally hundreds (approximately 200 and counting) of addiction-specific 12 step groups located around the world — including the city of Bountiful, UT.

Among these self-help fellowships are a diverse number of 12 step programs that address a wide range of addictions that include narcotic-specific addictions — such as Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) — as well as non-substance addictions, or compulsive behaviors –such as Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA).

As the world’s oldest addiction recovery program nears its centennial, the truly remarkable enduring impact of its 12-step principles becomes all the more evident.

At The Crossroads: More than Just a 12 Step Facility

At The Crossroads goes far beyond alcohol addiction recovery. We teach life skills, help young people from Bountiful, UT get into school and stay motivated, among many other useful services. Our transitional living program has helped many struggling young adults from Bountiful, UT conquer their struggles. Please call (866) 439-0354 to speak with a representative.

To receive help with your addiction, please contact At The Crossroads by calling (866) 439-0354. Our mission is to help every young adult from Bountiful, UT get back on their feet lead successful and happy lives.

Learning Disorders Counseling for Young Adults

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH (NIMH): The National Institute of Mental Health strives to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, thus paving the way for prevention, recovery, and even cures. For NIMH to continue fulfilling this public health service in Bountiful, UT, it must first foster innovative thinking. This will ensure that a full array of novel scientific perspectives is being used as a means of furthering discovery within the evolving science of mental health. By doing so, breakthroughs in science will become breakthroughs for all troubled teenage boys and girls and young adult men/women in Bountiful, UT, wrestling with mental illness. NIMH envisions a world in which mental illness are both prevented and cured.

At The Crossroads’ Assistance is Designed to Teach Life Skills and Personal Growth

At The Crossroads is the optimal choice for parents in Bountiful, UT who are investigating a superior Education and Vocational Training Facility and Individualized, Client-Centered Transitional Program to deliver assistance for their troubled child experiencing substance addiction (prescription/otc), self-harming behaviors, or narcissistic behavior. Since it can be difficult to work with highly resistant young adult men/women, most programs rely heavily upon punishments and other disciplinary tactics in order to manage a young man/woman’s behavior. Here at At The Crossroads, we recognize that the situation of one troubled child may not apply to all of our clients.

The treatment facility at At The Crossroads is in a natural setting, providing a serene environment free of distractions. The lifework here at ATC is to serve, assist, and coach our struggling clients through an incredibly difficult time. At The Crossroads is here to help parents and struggling young adult men/women to know that there is hope, and that you are not alone. The vision here at ATC is to facilitate recovery and peace; all while healing the emotional and mental health of young adult men/women from Bountiful, UT. We strive to see your struggling child make a triumphant and full transition into an independent adult, living a life of happiness and dignity.

Through our top-notch community service activities and adventure therapy (recreation & outdoor activities) therapy, troubled young adult men/women can grow to be healthy adults, and ATC’s clients can emerge as strong people who are motivated to succeed. At The Crossroads recognizes that the entire family needs the support that our expert therapists offer; so that your child can be restored and whole. ATC’s admissions specialists can be reached immediately at (866) 439-0354.

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