For many young adults, developing negative habits is a fairly typical part of adolescence and growing up.

Unfortunately, these bad habits can grow into toxic thinking and harmful behaviors. As a result, some young adults need to be put into cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy will help the young adults to end their bad habits, and change their lives before things get worse.

An incredibly salient step to overcoming negative habits, or a psychological problem, is to learn more about it. Learning about the different aspects of these bad habits can provide the comfort of knowing that you are not alone, and that others have been able to find helpful strategies to work through them. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will provide helpful information on your particular problem, as well as give you the keys to overcoming it.

How Does CBT Work?

Relaxation strategies are vital first steps to CBT, though it’s important to remember that they only make up one part of a complete treatment plan. Two strategies often used in CBT are calm breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. The former involves slowing down your breathing, while the latter involves systematically tensing and relaxing different muscle groups. As with anything else, the more these strategies are practiced, the more effective they will be.

When it comes to children and teens, individual and group CBT therapy has been proven to reduce psychological issues and bad habits. According to Robert Hahn, coordinating scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Community Guide Branch, there is a substantial amount of research that further proves the effectiveness of group or individual cognitive behavioral therapy for children and teens. Whichever therapy setting you choose to go with, the main focus of CBT remains the idea that thoughts, feelings, and habits combine together to influence a person’s life.

Where Can I Find A Place that Offers CBT?

If you believe your teen may be in need of psychological help and guidance, At The Crossroads is the program you need. It is a premier independent living program for troubled young adults, and is designed to assist those who are struggling to live independently or navigate through their teen years. At The Crossroads has a solid reputation for having one of the most successful approaches to the effective treatment of young adults. If you feel your teen may be in need of CBT, contact At The Crossroads today.

At The Crossroads is known for the development of one of the most successful approaches to the effective treatment of young adults. We are best known for our unique approach to working with young adults who are struggling to emerge, failing to launch, and stuck in between teen hood and adulthood.

At The Crossroads is an Independent Living Program designed to help young adults ages 18-25 to become successful, self-sustaining individuals. To find out more, call us at (866) 439-0354.

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