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Sober living homes are incredibly valuable in assisting struggling young adults to achieve long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. They are a safe, secure, and professionally staffed environment for long term recovery.

Typically, the residents of these programs come directly from an inpatient treatment and rehabilitation situation, while others come directly from a wilderness therapy program or residential treatment center.

Clean And Sober Living For Young Adults

“Clean and Sober Living Programs for Young Adults” is a term that is used to describe specialized live-in facilities that are adept in treating young adults. Often times, these facilities cater to college students, who, in addition to requiring rehabilitative treatment for their addiction issues, also want to continue working toward a college degree.

It should be noted that the support they receive from other clients is paramount for the overall success of achieving their sobriety and academic pursuits. Furthermore, as At The Crossroads staff, through decades of combined experience in treating addiction in young adults can attest: Sobriety is often achieved through building new healthy relationships and friendships that act as a support system for any young adult.

What’s more, sober living homes are programs that are considered “stepping stones” by which a young adult can use to achieve full sobriety as they transition back into school, work, and familial environments upon returning home. It should also be said that the journey to achieve such goals does not always end with the treatment itself, and that recovering young men and women often require additional professional support, as well as group support (such as AA or NA meetings), long after completing their treatment at a clean and sober living program.

Troubled Young Adults Often Require Sober Living Homes

At The Crossroads is founded on the belief that a safe and secure environment is needed for any growth to take place. We have created well designed and affordable residential programs (one for men and a separate one for women), located in beautiful Southern Utah. At, our facility, education is a key component, where students are provided with appropriate opportunities for overall success.

We provide a safe drug and alcohol-free living environment for young adults wanting to live a sober lifestyle based on twelve-step programs. For young alcoholics or drug abusers who have run out of options, our facility offers a last hope, and we are passionate about providing the perfect opportunity for complete rehabilitation.

At The Crossroads presents the most comprehensive sober living homes available in the US. If you are looking for a professional-assisted therapeutic opportunity that includes support for sobriety, life coaching, therapy, independent life skills training, academic, and vocational guidance, please call (866) 439-0354 and speak with our Admissions Counselor.

More Resources for Parents of Troubled Young Adults

National Alliance for Recovery Residences

The National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) is a 501-c3 nonprofit and recovery community organization (RCO). NARR supports over 25,000 persons in addiction recovery who are living in over 2,500 certified recovery residences throughout the United States. NARR’s mission is to support persons in recovery from addiction by improving their access to quality recovery residences through standards, support services, placement, education, research, and advocacy. NARR envisions all persons in recovery from addiction having access to the recovery support they need to live happier, healthier lives. NARR values hope, compassion, respect, honesty, responsibility, and fairness. NARR is a member of the Association of Recovery Organizations.

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